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Get Stardog Studio

This page descibes how to obtain Stardog Studio and connect to a running Stardog server.


Stardog Studio is the IDE for the Knowledge Graph Engineer designed to make Stardog functionality easier to use for everyday users.

Stardog and Stardog Studio are two different entities. Stardog Studio connects to a running Stardog server. If you do not have a running Stardog server or have access to one, please install Stardog and start up the server.

Steps to obtain Stardog Studio and connect to a running Stardog server:

  1. Stardog Studio is available for download or can be accessed in the browser.

    Studio can also be run in the browser via Docker. See the Browser Based Studio section for instructions.

  2. Install Studio on your machine with the downloaded installer.

  3. Start up the Studio application.

    Studio Welcome

    Feel free to take the “tour” of Stardog Studio and learn a bit about Studio’s features.

  4. Select the “Connect to Stardog” button to connect to a running Stardog server.

    Connect to Studio

  5. Enter your credential details. Stardog starts up by default at http://localhost:5820. Stardog also comes with a default superuser admin with a password of admin. For illustrative purposes, we use this admin user here to get started but this is in general not safe and should be changed before deploying Stardog into production.

    Studio credentials

    The blue toolbar at the bottom of the application’s window should now display the user logged in, the location of the server, and what version of Stardog is running. Need to change your login credentials? Just select the green lightning bolt annotated with a red square around it below.

    Studio bottom toolbar

What’s Next?

If you’ve follow the steps above, Stardog Studio should now be connected to the Stardog Server. A great next step is to go through the embedded interactive tutorials in Stardog Studio:

Select the “Book” icon in the left sidebar to open the Tutorials tab.

Studio Tutorials Tab

Additional Resources

Check out our additional Getting Started Resources for some introductory blog posts, tutorials, video trainings and more.

An overview of Stardog Studio’s features and configuration is documented in the Studio chapter.