Interface Cancellable

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        void cancel​(java.lang.String theCause)
        Cancels the execution of this computation. It is up to the implementation to decide how to implement the cancellation process. If the underlying implementation is based on the iterator model, calling or Iterator.hasNext() after this function is called will result in an exception being thrown. Some implementations might have a different strategy but the expectation for every implementation is to finish computation in a reasonable time. So implementations that always return few results without much computation might ignore cancel calls completely. If a computation is composed of other computations then cancel call will be typically propagated to the child computations since there could be significant amount of work performed by them before the parent computation returns a single value. This function is typically called from a different thread the thread that iterates over the results of this computation so implementations should consider this.
        theCause - the cause of the cancellation or null if the cause is unknown