Class TableExporter

  • public class TableExporter
    extends com.brsanthu.dataexporter.DataExporter
    TextTable exporter with predefined settings and bug fixes.
    Evren Sirin
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      static class  TableExporter.FixedTextTableWriter
      Fixes a bug in TextTableWriter where right intersection was used in every place a right left intersection was supposed to be used.
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      TableExporter​( theOut)  
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      com.brsanthu.dataexporter.output.texttable.TextTableExportOptions getOptions()  
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      • TableExporter

        public TableExporter​( theOut)
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        public com.brsanthu.dataexporter.output.texttable.TextTableExportOptions getOptions()
        getOptions in class com.brsanthu.dataexporter.DataExporter