Class Serializers.UnsignedLongSerializer

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    public static final class Serializers.UnsignedLongSerializer
    extends java.lang.Object
    Serialize longs in an "Unsigned" form. In reality, this encoding guarantees that the natural sort matches unsigned lexicographic sort (i.e. -1 before 0, etc).
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      long deserialize​(byte[] bytes)  
      long deserialize​(byte[] bytes, int offset)  
      byte[] serialize​(long value)  
      void serialize​(long value, byte[] bytes, int offset)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • UnsignedLongSerializer

        public UnsignedLongSerializer()
    • Method Detail

      • serialize

        public byte[] serialize​(long value)
      • serialize

        public void serialize​(long value,
                              byte[] bytes,
                              int offset)
      • deserialize

        public long deserialize​(byte[] bytes)
      • deserialize

        public long deserialize​(byte[] bytes,
                                int offset)