Interface NamespacesInfo

  • All Superinterfaces:
    java.lang.Iterable<Namespace>, Namespaces

    public interface NamespacesInfo
    extends Namespaces

    The namespaces stored in a database. If the logged in user also has write access to database metadata, returned namespaces can be modified through add and remove functions.

    Changes done on the returned NamespacesInfo instance will be applied to database metadata immediately. However, since this function returns a snapshot of stored namespaces and applies changes to the local copy before applying them to the database metadata, concurrent updates of namespaces might result in changes performed by one connection to be overridden by another connection.

    A new snapshot is retrieved every time this function is called which will take into account any changes that have occurred before this call.

    Michael Grove
    • Method Detail

      • add

        default boolean add​(java.lang.String thePrefix,
                            java.lang.String theIRI)
      • remove

        boolean remove​(java.lang.String thePrefix)
      • remove

        default boolean remove​(Namespace theNS)
      • remove

        default boolean remove​(Namespaces theNS)