Class JdbcOptions

  • public class JdbcOptions
    extends java.lang.Object
    Options used by JDBC data sources. Included in api package for visibility by source_metadata CLI command.
    • Constructor Detail

      • JdbcOptions

        public JdbcOptions()
    • Method Detail

      • getDriverProperties

        public static java.util.Properties getDriverProperties​(java.util.Map<?,​?> dsOptions)
        Creates a new Properties instance consisting of all the driver properties found in the supplied DS options file (with the ext. prefixes removed).
        dsOptions - Data Source options including ext.-prefixed driver properties
      • isSkipValidation

        public static boolean isSkipValidation​(java.util.Properties options)
      • passthroughOption

        public static java.lang.String passthroughOption​(java.lang.String optionName)