Class LineSupplier

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    public class LineSupplier
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.util.function.Supplier<LineBatch>
    A utility class that reads lines from a stream in one thread and supplies the output as batches for multiple threads to consume. The line numbers associated with the batches will start at 1. The definition of a line follows the BufferedReader.readLine() definition. The lines in the resulting batches will not have any line-termination characters in them.
    • Method Detail

      • setBatchSize

        public void setBatchSize​(int theBatchSize)
        Sets the number of lines that should be in every batch. Should be set before reading starts.
      • setQueueSize

        public void setQueueSize​(int theQueueSize)
        Sets the maximum number of batches that should be buffered internally. Should be set before reading starts.
      • start

        public void start()
        Starts the reading process. This function will return immediately and reading the input stream will be done in a thread in the shared executor until the stream is consumed or this supplier is stopped. If this function is called multiple times subsequent calls will have no effect.
      • stop

        public void stop()
        Stops reading the lines as soon as possible. Calling this function will ensure that no more batches will be produced but stopping the thread that reads the lines might not happen instantaneously.
      • bytesRead

        public long bytesRead()
        The number of bytes that have been read so far.
      • get

        public LineBatch get()
        Retrieve the next batch available. This function will block until the next batch is available. The batches will be returned in the order they are read from the stream so if they are consumed sequentially this will be equivalent to reading the stream sequentially. If the input stream has been consumed completely an empty batch will be returned for all subsequent calls.
        Specified by:
        get in interface java.util.function.Supplier<LineBatch>