Class MarkResetSkippingIterator<T>

    • Method Detail

      • computeSkipTo

        protected T computeSkipTo​(T theTarget)
        Description copied from class: AbstractSkippingIterator
        Returns the element that this iteration has skipped to or null if it ran off the end.
        Specified by:
        computeSkipTo in class AbstractSkippingIterator<T>
        theTarget - the skipping target
        the first element that is greater or equal to the skipping target, or null if it doesn't exist.
      • mark

        public void mark​(T element)
        Description copied from interface: MarkResetIterator
        Creates a mark from the provided element. Note: the reset-to-mark behavior is only guaranteed if the mark is a part of the iterator's output. Specific implementations may impose other restrictions, for example, on the mark being ahead or behind the current iterator's position.
        Specified by:
        mark in interface MarkResetIterator<T>
        element - the element to serve as a mark