Class IndexOptions

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    public final class IndexOptions
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements MetaPropertyProvider

    Set of options for configuring the low-level indexes.

    Michael Grove, Evren Sirin, Fernando Hernandez
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      • SIZE

        public static final InfoProperty<java.lang.Long> SIZE
        Current size of the database. Provided only for information purposes and cannot be modified by users.

        public static final java.lang.Long BULK_LOAD_DICTIONARY_RESERVED_MEM
        THe amount of memory reserved for system operations when bulk load dictionary is being used,

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Long> BULK_LOAD_DICTIONARY_MEM
        The amount of memory to be used by the bulk load dictionary. If it is set to 0 or a negative value explicitly by the user, the bulk load dictionary will not be used. If the option is not set by the user and bulk_load memory is being used this option will be automatically set based on memory configuration.
      • PERSIST

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> PERSIST
        Option to determine if the contents of the memory database will be persisted on disk. If memory database is persisted on disk, its contents can be reloaded at a later time when Stardog server is restarted. This option is always true for disk databases.
      • SYNC

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> SYNC
        To be removed in 5.1, this option no longer has any effect on mem indexes
        Persistence type for a memory database, Setting this option to true indicates the db should be persisted within the commit. Otherwise, the persist will happen asynchronously after the commit is complete. This flag has no effect against disk indexes.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> CANONICAL_LITERALS
        Specify that non-string typed literals are canonicalized in the database. Improves query and loading performance, but does change literal values to a canonical form. For example, "1"^^xsd:byte is canonicalized to "1"^^xsd:integer. Set this option to false if you require literals to be exactly as specified, rather than canonicalized. The default value is 'true'. note that, this value can only be set at database creation time and cannot be changed at a future time.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> INLINE_BOOLEANS

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> INLINING_VERSION
        Intended for internal use only, not for users. Specifies the version of the procedure used to canonicalize literals.

        public static final ConfigProperty<com.complexible.stardog.index.AggregateIndexes> INDEXES_AGGREGATE
        Option to specify whether or not to maintain aggregate indexes.

        public static final InfoProperty<com.complexible.stardog.index.IndexStrategy> INDEX_STRATEGY
        Intended for internal system use only, not for users. Index strategy used by the database.

        public static final InfoProperty<java.lang.Integer> DIFF_INDEX_SIZE
        Current size of the differential index. The differential index is used for storing additions and removals separately from the main index so updates to the database can be performed faster. The query answering will take all the data stored in the main index and the differential index so the query answers will not change. There is slight overhead for query answering with differential indexes if the differential index size gets too large. For this reason, the differential index will be merged to the main index when its size reaches the DIFF_INDEX_MAX_LIMIT. There is no benefit of differential indexes if the main index itself is too small. For this reason, the differential index is not used until the main index size reaches DIFF_INDEX_MAX_LIMIT.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> DIFF_INDEX_MIN_LIMIT
        The limit for the size of the base index when differential indexes will be used. If the main index size is below this limit, all the changes will be applied to the main index.
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        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> DIFF_INDEX_MAX_LIMIT
        The limit for the size of the differential index. If the differential index size exceeds this limit, it will automatically be merged to the main index.
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        public static final InfoProperty<com.complexible.stardog.process.Liveness> LIVENESS_REPORT
        Internal use only.

        public static final InfoProperty<java.lang.Boolean> BULK_LOADER_NAMED_GRAPHS
        Internal use only

        public static final InfoProperty<java.lang.Long> BULK_LOADER_ESTIMATED_SIZE
        Internal use only

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> BULK_LOAD_MAX_PARSERS

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> BULK_LOAD_MAX_HANDLERS

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> BULK_LOAD_RESIZE_HANDLERS

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> BULK_LOADER_OVERWRITE_DATA

        public static final InfoProperty<java.lang.Long> STATS_UPDATE_COUNT
        Internal use only. Number of updated keys, added + removed in total.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Long> STATS_UPDATE_DB_MIN_SIZE
        Minimum number of triples that should be in the database for statistics to be updated automatically.

        public static final InfoProperty<java.lang.Long> DEPRECATED_STATS_UPDATE_DB_MIN_SIZE
        This is the deprecated option replaced with STATS_UPDATE_DB_MIN_SIZE. The declaration exists only to avoid unnecessarry warnings for databases created before version 5.2.3.

        public static final ConfigProperty<com.complexible.stardog.index.StatisticsStrategy> STATISTICS_ON_DB_CREATION
        Determines how index statistics is computed when a database is bulk loaded. By default it's computed synchronously.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> AUTO_STATS_UPDATE
        Option to turn on automatic statistics updates. When this option is set to true, Stardog will decide when to update statistics as the database is modified through additions and removals and update statistics as needed. If this option is set to false, Stardog will never update the statistics regardless of how much the database is updated.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> WAL_ENABLED
        Option which specifies if databases uses a WAL (Write-ahead Log). WAL ensures committed transactions will not be lost if the server crashes without a proper shutdown. Default value: true

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Long> BULK_LOAD_SST_CHUNK_SIZE
        Option which specifies the maximum number of records will be written to index's sst file during bulk loading; After this threshold exceeds bulk load import current sst file and switches to the new one; Default value: 1_000_000_000L

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Long> TX_SST_WRITE_LIMIT
        Option which specifies at what point we skip memtables and use bulk loading code for transactional updates. Default value: 4_000_000L

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> IS_DICTIONARY_VACUUMING_MULTITHREADED
        Option which specifies if the dictionary vacuuming process will be multithreaded; Default value: false

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Double> STATS_UPDATE_RATIO
        Ratio of updated triples to the number of triples in the database that triggers the automatic statistics recomputation in a background thread. This option has no effect if AUTO_STATS_UPDATE is off or the index size is less than STATS_UPDATE_DB_MIN_SIZE. If the ratio is set to to 0.1 then adding 100K triples to a database with 1M triples will trigger the automatic stats recomputation. The added and removed triples are counted separately so adding 50K triples removing 50K triples count as updating 100K triples. Default value: 0.1

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Double> STATS_UPDATE_BLOCKING_RATIO
        Ratio of updated triples to the number of triples in the database that triggers the automatic statistics recomputation inside the transaction. This option is similar to STATS_UPDATE_RATIO but it is performed synchronously within the transaction instead of a background thread. The client will not get the commit acknowledgement until the stats is recomputed. This option has no effect if AUTO_STATS_UPDATE is off or the index size is less than STATS_UPDATE_DB_MIN_SIZE. Setting this option to a non-positive number (<= 0) will disable blocking updates. Default value: 0

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> CARDINALITY_CACHE_CAPACITY
        The max capacity for the query pattern cardinality cache that is shared across queries to the same database. Default value: 1024

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> STATISTICS_CHARACTERISTIC_SETS_LIMIT
        The max number of characteristic sets computed as a part of the statistical summary of the database. More diverse datasets may require a higher number for more accurate query planning. The downside is higher memory footprint and slower planning. This is a soft limit and the actual number of sets can slightly exceed it. Default value: 10000

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> STATISTICS_CHAINS_ENABLED
        Whether chain statistics is enabled or not. Default value: true

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> STATISTICS_OBJECT_JOIN_ENABLED
        Whether property object join statistics is enabled or not. Default value: true

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> STATS_ENABLE_ACTIVE_GRAPH
        Enabling scaling cardinality estimations based on the active graph and DB statistics Default value: true

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> INDEX_WRITER_MERGE_LIMIT
        Maximum number of triples to keep in memory for merging interleaving additions and removals while querying uncommitted state.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> STATISTICS_SKETCH_CAPACITY

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Double> STATISTICS_RARE_PREDICATE

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.util.UUID> LAST_COMMITTED_TX
        Internal use only - The UUID for the last committed transaction.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> OPTIMIZE_VACUUM_DATA

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> OPTIMIZE_VACUUM_DICTIONARY

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> OPTIMIZE_STATISTICS

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> OPTIMIZE_COMPACT

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> OPTIMIZE_LITERAL_INDEX

        public static final boolean ASYNC_FLUSH
    • Method Detail

      • isMemory

        public static boolean isMemory​(Metadata theOptions)
      • isDisk

        public static boolean isDisk​(Metadata theOptions)
      • memory

        public static Metadata memory()
        Options for creating a memory database. Memory databases are only to be used for testing and prototyping. They're not intended for production use.
        default options for a memory database
      • isPersist

        public static boolean isPersist​(Metadata theOptions)
        Return whether or not the PERSIST option is set
        theOptions - the options
        true if the persist option is set, false otherwise
      • progressOutput

        public static java.util.Optional<> progressOutput​(Metadata theOptions)