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      • NLP_MODELS

        public static final Option<> NLP_MODELS

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.String> DOCS_FILESYSTEM_URI
        A URI indicating which FileSystem provider to use for document storage. In addition to local storage (`file:///`), documents can be stored on Amazon S3 (`s3:///`) or document storage can be disabled altogether (`none`).

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.String> DOCS_S3_PROTOCOL
        Protocol used when storing unstructured text documents on S3 (and compatible) stores. Can be set to `HTTP` to disable TLS/SSL.
      • DOCS_PATH

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.String> DOCS_PATH
        The path under which documents will be stored. A relative path is relative to the database directory. S3 storage should specify an absolute path with the bucket name as the first part of the path.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.String> DOCS_DEFAULT_RDF_EXTRACTORS
        Comma-separated list of names of RDF extractors to use when processing documents when no RDF extractor names are given. Built-in extractors include tika, text, entities, linked and dictionary. See the docs for instructions to create your own.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.String> DOCS_DEFAULT_TEXT_EXTRACTORS
        Comma-separated list of names of text extractors to use when processing documents when no text extractor names are given. See the docs to create your own.
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      • BitesOptions

        public BitesOptions()