Class ICVOptions

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        public static int DEFAULT_VIOLATION_LIMIT_PER_SHAPE

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> ICV_ENABLED
        Option to specify whether or not ICV guard mode is enabled for an index. When guard mode for ICV is enabled, each commit is inspected to ensure that the contents of the database are valid for the set of constraints that have been associated with it. Should someone attempt to commit data which violates one or more of the constraints defined for the database, the commit will fail and the data will not be added/removed.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> ICV_REASONING_ENABLED
        Option to specify the reasoning flag that will be used for ICV guard mode validation. By default no reasoning is used.
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        public static final ConfigProperty<java.util.Collection<IRI>> ICV_ACTIVE_GRAPHS
        Option to specify the active graph(s) that will be used for ICV guard mode validation. By default all local graphs are validated.
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        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> ICV_CONSISTENCY_AUTOMATIC
        Option to specify that ICV guard mode validation will check the consistency of the database as well. By default, ICV validation only checks the violations of constraints explicitly added to the database. However, OWL axioms that exist in the database may cause inconsistencies similar to constraint violations. Setting this option ensures that both reasoning consistencies and constraint violations will be checked during guard mode validation. This option has no effect if reasoning is not enabled for IC validation via the ICV_REASONING_ENABLED option. This option only affects the ICV guard mode behavior. If guard mode is not enabled and validations are checked manually through an ICVConnection then consistency should be checked manually using the ReasoningConnection.
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        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> ICV_EXPLANATION_LIMIT
        Option to specify the number of violations that will be computed and returned in the error message when guard mode is enabled. If the option is set to 0 no explanations will be computed and transaction failure will only indicate there was a violation without specifying which constraint failed.

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Boolean> SHACL_TARGET_CLASS

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.lang.Integer> SHACL_VIOLATION_LIMIT_PER_SHAPE

        public static final ConfigProperty<java.util.Collection<IRI>> SHACL_SHAPE_GRAPHS
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        public ICVOptions()