Class BinaryRDFWriter

    • Method Detail

      • format

        public RDFFormat format()
        The format this writer will serialize output in.
        Specified by:
        format in interface RDFWriter
        the format
      • start

        public void start()
        Signals that the RDF writing process is starting.
        Specified by:
        start in interface RDFHandler
        Specified by:
        start in interface RDFWriter
      • end

        public void end()
        Signals the writing process is completed. The underlying InputStream is *not* closed, but the caller should not call additional methods on this writer as that will normally yield syntax errors in the output.
        Specified by:
        end in interface RDFHandler
        Specified by:
        end in interface RDFWriter
      • namespace

        public void namespace​(@Nonnull
                              java.lang.String thePrefix,
                              java.lang.String theIRI)
        Provide a namespace to the writer. This method can be called before writing has started, in which case, the namespace bindings are buffered and written when appropriate after writing has begun.
        Specified by:
        namespace in interface RDFHandler
        Specified by:
        namespace in interface RDFWriter
        thePrefix - the namespace prefix
        theIRI - the associated IRI
      • comment

        public void comment​(@Nonnull
                            java.lang.String theComment)
        Write a comment to the output. Writing need not be started at this point; comments can be written prior to any actual serialized RDF
        Specified by:
        comment in interface RDFWriter
        theComment - the comment to write