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Stardog Applications

This chapter discusses Stardog Applications – Stardog Explorer and Stardog Studio.


  • Stardog Explorer is an intuitive web browser tool for anyone to browse the connection in their data fabric.
  • Stardog Studio is the IDE for the Knowledge Graph Engineer designed to make Stardog functionality easier to use for everyday users.

Stardog Applications support the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

No data is sent to our servers when you use Stardog Applications. Requests are instead sent directly from your browser to the Stardog endpoint that you specify in the connection dialog, without any intermediary. (To illustrate the point: after loading, you could theoretically disconnect from the internet and still use Explorer in the browser to interact with your Stardog endpoint. Aside from some telemetry data, nothing is sent from your browser to any server other than your Stardog endpoint while using Explorer.) This is also true for Stardog Studio. If your Stardog server is running with SSL enabled, you can use and for Explorer and Studio, respectively, so that all information between your server and the Stardog Application is also encrypted.

Note that all versions of Stardog applications store user data, including saved connections, so you must use the same browser to access your persisted user data.

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