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stardog-admin encryption new-key


Create a new key to be used for encryption.


stardog-admin [ --krb5 ] [ --krb5-disable-rdns ] [ --server <server url> ] encryption new-key [ {-E | --enc-password} <password> ] [ {-p | --passwd} <password> ] [ {-P | --ask-password} ] [ {-R | --read-password} ] [ --run-as <username> ] [ {-u | --username} <username> ] [ {-v | --verbose} ] [--] <keyname>


Name, shorthand Description
-E <password>, --enc-password <password> The current encryption password.
--krb5 Use the Kerberos environment.
--krb5-disable-rdns Disable reverse DNS lookup for Kerberos clients.
-p <password>, --passwd <password> Password.
-P, --ask-password Prompt for password.
-R, --read-password Read the encryption password from the console.
--run-as <username> User to impersonate when running the command
--server <server url> URL of Stardog Server. If this option isn’t specified, it will be read from JVM argument ‘stardog.default.cli.server’. If the JVM arg isn’t set, the default value ‘http://localhost:5820’ is used. If server URL has no explicit port value, the default port value ‘5820’ is used. Example: ‘stardog-admin –server server stop’
-u <username>, --username <username> User name.
-v, --verbose Flag that can cause more detailed information to be printed such as errors and status. Exact output depends upon the command and options used.
-- This option can be used to separate command-line options from the list of argument(s). (Useful when an argument might be mistaken for a command-line option)
<keyname> Key name.


This command instructs Stardog to create a new encryption key. This key will be used to encrypt all newly added data. Previously added data will not be encrypted with the new key. They key itself is managed by Stardog and not available for the user to read. When creating the key the user must give it a unique name. If an encryption password is in place it must be provided with this command and it will be used to encrypt the new key beforeit is stored.


Create a new encryption key

$ stardog-admin encryption new-key -E <password> <name>