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Advanced topics

Advanced topics for power users of Stardog Cloud.

Page Contents
  1. Stardog Cloud Architecture
  2. White-listing Virtual Graph calls from Stardog Cloud
  3. Backup

Stardog Cloud Architecture

Below is a diagram depicting the high-level architecture of Stardog Cloud in AWS. Stardog Cloud Architecture

White-listing Virtual Graph calls from Stardog Cloud

All traffic originating from Stardog Cloud will originate from ( Please whitelist this domain to ensure that your Stardog Cloud endpoint can make virtual graph queries to your external data source.


Enterprise customers can request backup of individual databases to S3 buckets via the Stardog API. The credential for the S3 bucket is stored only during the time the backup is occurring.

Instance-level automated snapshot backups occur daily and are retained for 30 days by default. You may request a restore of a snapshot via a ticket in the support portal. You may also request custom backup schedules and retention periods via the support portal.