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Stardog Voicebox

This chapter discusses Stardog Voicebox. Stardog Voicebox is our conversational AI chat interface for your Enterprise Data, available for use with Stardog Cloud.

Page Contents
  1. Overview
  2. How to use Voicebox
    1. What about hallucinations?
    2. How to provide feedback
    3. Additional tips for talking to Voicebox
  3. Using Stardog Voicebox against your own data


Stardog Voicebox is a knowledge engineer powered by Large Language Models (LLM), Generative AI, and autonomous agents.

How to use Voicebox

All Stardog Cloud users can use Voicebox with any of our Stardog Knowledge Kits that have the Voicebox icon in the top right.

kits with voicebox

We are adding Voicebox to new knowledge kits all the time, so the above image may show fewer Voicebox-enabled kits than exist.

After you have selected a knowledge kit, click on the Voicebox tab on the right side of your screen.

voicebox tab in kk

From there, either click on one of our pre-selected queries or type your own. All queries are asked in plain English - no knowledge of SPARQL required!

using voicebox

What about hallucinations?

Hallucinations are a common problem with Large Language Models, but they’re not a problem with Stardog Voicebox. Voicebox uses an LLM to translate your query into a SPARQL query, and that query returns actual results from your data.

If Voicebox cannot find an answer to your question, it will respond with “Cannot find an answer for this question.”

How to provide feedback

Your feedback is a critical component to Voicebox, and we thank you for your time and participation in helping to advance Generative AI capabilities.

  1. Thumbs up/down: After Voicebox returns an answer, you’ll have the option to thumb up or down the response.
  2. Additional feedback: There is also an optional space to provide additional comments for your feedback. Your feedback will help us continue to improve Voicebox’s responses.


Additional tips for talking to Voicebox

  • Use language consistent with the Knowledge Kit context. Hint: a great place to start is to look at the data model for ideas on what to query
  • Be as specific as possible
    • For instance, “List the top 10 most prescribed medications” is better than “Top 10 prescribed medications”
  • Use structured, grammatically correct requests
    • For instance, “Find me all the customers with a credit score higher than 750” is better than “Customers with 750 credit score or higher”

Using Stardog Voicebox against your own data

Stardog Voicebox is available for free to all users with our Stardog Knowledge Kits. It is also available to use with your own data for Essentials and Enterprise customers.