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stardog-admin server metrics


Retrieves server metrics


stardog-admin [ --krb5 ] [ --krb5-disable-rdns ] [ --server <server url> ] server metrics [ --locks ] [ --no-databases ] [ {-p | --passwd} <password> ] [ {-P | --ask-password} ] [ --run-as <username> ] [ --samples ] [ --threads ] [ {-u | --username} <username> ] [ {-v | --verbose} ] [--] <space-separated metric name regex patterns> (see command examples)


Name, shorthand Description
--krb5 Use the Kerberos environment.
--krb5-disable-rdns Disable reverse DNS lookup for Kerberos clients.
--locks locked monitors and locked synchronizers in the thread dump. Takes effect only if –threads is provided.
--no-databases Do not include database-specific metrics and instead only return server-wide metrics. By defaultdatabase details will be shown.
-p <password>, --passwd <password> Password.
-P, --ask-password Prompt for password.
--run-as <username> User to impersonate when running the command
--samples Include detailed sample information for each meter and histogram.
--server <server url> URL of Stardog Server. If this option isn’t specified, it will be read from JVM argument ‘stardog.default.cli.server’. If the JVM arg isn’t set, the default value ‘http://localhost:5820’ is used. If server URL has no explicit port value, the default port value ‘5820’ is used. Example: ‘stardog-admin –server server stop’
--threads Include the thread dump from the server.
-u <username>, --username <username> User name.
-v, --verbose Flag that can cause more detailed information to be printed such as errors and status. Exact output depends upon the command and options used.
-- This option can be used to separate command-line options from the list of argument(s). (Useful when an argument might be mistaken for a command-line option)
<space-separated metric name regex patterns> (see command examples) Display only metrics, matching the specified patterns.


Reports server metrics. Metrics are organized using a dot-delimited namespace system. Top-level namespaces include: admin.threads (thread management for admin HTTP operations), com.stardog.http.server. (HTTP statistics), user.threads (thread management for user HTTP operations), databases. (metrics for specific databases), dbms (process and memory metrics), system (system info). See for descriptions of specific metrics.


Display all metrics:

$ stardog-admin server metrics

Display dbms.credentials.cache.size metric:

$ stardog-admin server metrics dbms.credentials.cache.size

Display dbms.credentials.cache.size metric and metrics matching the pattern dbms.mem.*:

$ stardog-admin server metrics dbms.credentials.cache.size "dbms.mem.*"

Display metrics matching dbms.mem.* and dbms.memory.*:

$ stardog-admin server metrics "dbms.mem.*" "dbms.memory.*"

Get the thread dump from the server:

$ stardog-admin server metrics --threads "jvm.threads"