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Supported Data Sources

This page covers the supported Data Source types for Stardog Cloud.

Supported Data Sources

Each Stardog endpoint running in Stardog Cloud is pre-configured with the client libraries needed to access the following data sources.

Database Driver License
AWS Athena AthenaJDBC42_2.0.7.jar (*) Apache 2.0
Databricks SQL databricks-jdbc-2.6.25.jar Custom
MongoDB mongo-java-driver-3.8.2.jar (**) Apache 2.0
MySQL & MariaDB mysql-connector-java-8.0.25.jar GPLv2
PostgreSQL postgresql-42.2.5.jar BSD 2 Clause
Snowflake snowflake-jdbc-3.13.25.jar (*) Apache 2.0
Spark SQL SparkJDBC42.jar Custom

Drivers marked with an asterisk (*) are included with each Stardog endpoint, and they are known to work with Stardog, but they are currently being Beta-tested in Stardog Cloud.
Drivers noted with two asterisks (**) are not currently supported in Stardog Designer.

You can read more about using a data source with a Virtual Graph in Stardog here.