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Getting Started with Stardog Cloud

Get jump-started with your private Stardog Cloud Knowledge Graph endpoint.

Page Contents
  1. Signing Up for Stardog Cloud
  2. Subscribing to Stardog Cloud
  3. Logging in For the First Time
  4. What’s next?

Stardog Cloud is our complete Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform provided as a service. As a part of your subscription, you get a dedicated Stardog Knowledge Graph endpoint (hosted by Stardog) and your account will have administrative access to your new environment. You also get easy access to the Stardog Applications: Explorer, Designer, and Studio. For more information on Stardog Cloud please visit our website.

Signing Up for Stardog Cloud

Before getting a Stardog Cloud environment, you need to create your Stardog Cloud Account. Simply go to the Stardog Cloud Portal here to get started. Creating an account is free and takes only a minute.

Subscribing to Stardog Cloud

Once you have created a Stardog Cloud Account and have verified your email, you can create a connection to a Stardog Knowledge Graph endpoint. Select the “Connect to an existing endpoint” option from the Stardog Connections menu in the main navigation bar, or head to our getting started page.

On the getting started page, you can purchase an Essentials Stardog instance, or you can start your trial with a Free Stardog instance. Only one Free instance can be allocated per Stardog Cloud Account.

Logging in For the First Time

Once you have confirmed your subscription, the environment will be provisioned for you and associated with your account. As soon as the new endpoint is available for use, your Stardog Cloud Account will be updated and your new endpoint will be available in your list of connections on the Stardog Cloud Portal.

What’s next?

Learn how to configure your first users in Stardog Cloud, or check out our getting started series to get the most out of Stardog Cloud.