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Server Administration is a multi-faceted topic in Stardog. Read more about Server Administration.

The table below contains the CLI commands to administer a Stardog server. Select any of the commands to view their manual page.

Command Description
server backup Creates a backup of all databases in the given Stardog instance
server metrics Retrieves server metrics
server migrate Migrates the contents of a Stardog home directory from an old version to the current version. Not required for migrating to version within Stardog 7 (e.g. Stardog 7.4.0 -> 7.4.1)
server profile Profile server (CPU, heap allocations, locks)
server restore Restores a Stardog home from a full backup created using the server backup command
server start Starts the Stardog Server.
server status Retrieves the current status information from the Stardog DBMS
server stop Issues a shutdown request to a single Stardog server.