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Extending Stardog

This chapter discusses various ways in which you can extend Stardog.

Adding Extensions to Stardog

Stardog’s extension mechanisms utilize the JDK ServiceLoader to load new services at runtime and make them available to the various parts of the system.

To register an extension, a file should be placed in META-INF/services whose name is the fully-qualified class name of the extension type. This must be included in the jar file with the compile source of the extension.

The jar then should be placed somewhere in Stardog’s classpath, usually either <stardog-installation-directory>/server/ext or a folder specified by the environment variable STARDOG_EXT. Stardog will pick up the implementations on startup by using the JDK ServiceLoader framework.

Chapter Contents

  • Creating Query Functions - discusses implementing your own query functions.
  • Archetypes - discusses creating your own database archetypes
  • Aggregates - discusses implementing custom aggregate functions for SPARQL queries
  • Search Analyzers - This page describes how to create your own Search Analyzer for Stardog's Full Text Search.
  • HTTP Server - discusses how to extend Stardog's HTTP Server.