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Stardog Admin CLI Reference Manual

As described in the Command Line Interface section of Operating Stardog, Stardog’s CLI comes in two parts, stardog-admin (the administrative client) and stardog (a Stardog user’s client). The CLI tools use “command groups” to make CLI subcommands easier to find.

Below you’ll find all command groups in the stardog-admin client. Select any of the command groups in the table below to view the specific commands in that command group.

Command Group Description
cache Commands for working with cached views
cluster Commands for working with Stardog Cluster
db Commands for working with databases
diagnostics Commands to help diagnose issues with your Stardog server
data-source Commands for working with the data source registry
encryption Commands that manage encryption at rest
function Stored function management commands
icv Commands for working with Stardog Integrity Constraint support
license License commands
log Commands for Stardog access and audit logs
metadata Commands to modify or obtain the properties (metadata) of a database
query Query management commands
property Commands for viewing and modifying server properties
role Commands for working with roles
server Commands which work with the Stardog DBMS server
stored Stored query management commands
user Commands for working with users managed by Stardog
virtual Commands for virtual graph support
zk Commands for working with Zookeeper Cluster