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Getting Started Resources

This page contains learning resources for working with Stardog.

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  1. Blogs
  2. Tutorials
    1. Getting Started Series
  3. Video Trainings
  4. Community
  5. Stardog Labs

We have a variety of resources to get you started with working with Stardog.


We’ve highlighted some of our foundational blogs below. Additional blog posts are available on our blogs page. While these blog posts are more high level in nature, Stardog Labs contains our engineering blog.


We’ve highlighted some of our foundational tutorials below. Additional tutorials are available on our tutorials page.

Getting Started Series

Video Trainings

We’ve highlighted some of the foundational trainings below. Additional trainings are available on our trainings page.

  • Getting Started With SPARQL

    Learn about:

    • The basics of the RDF graph model
    • How to build a simple SPARQL query, step-by-step
    • Stardog’s SPARQL extension to find shortest paths
    • More advanced SPARQL features like optional values, negation and aggregation
  • Reasoning with RDF Graphs and Ontologies

    Learn about:

    • What reasoning means and how it relates to data modeling
    • The basics of reasoning with RDFS and OWL ontologies
    • How to use user-defined rules for inferring new types and edges in RDF graphs
    • Using reasoning with SPARQL queries inside Stardog Studio
    • How logical reasoning relates to statistical reasoning and machine learning
  • Data Validation & SHACL

    Learn about:

    • The basics of RDF data validation
    • The core features of the SHACL language
    • How SHACL validation interacts with RDFS/ OWL reasoning
    • Stardog’s integrity constraint validation capability for validating SHACL constraints


Need some help? Want to be part of the Stardog Community? Our Community page is a great resource to discuss Stardog and Stardog Studio, make support requests, ask questions, etc.

Stardog Labs

Recently launched in the Summer of 2020, Stardog Labs is a new hub of insight, news, and buzz about knowledge graph technology. The site features technical blogs, showcasing job opportunities focused on knowledge graph development, and curating research papers and open source projects.

While Stardog Labs will serve as our Engineering blog, it’s also designed for participation from our community of Stardog users, academic researchers, and knowledge graph enthusiasts.