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Known Issues

This page discusses known issues in Stardog.

  1. Our implementation of CONSTRUCT slightly deviates from the SPARQL 1.1 specification: it does not implicitly DISTINCT query results; rather, it implicitly applies REDUCED semantics to CONSTRUCT query results
  2. Asking for all individuals with reasoning via the query {?s a owl:Thing} might also retrieve some classes and properties. WILLFIX
  3. Schema queries do not bind graph variables.
  4. Dropping a database deletes all of the data files in Stardog Home associated with that database. If you want to keep the data files and remove the database from the system catalog, then you need to manually copy these files to another location before dropping the database.
  5. If relative URIs exist in the data files passed to create, add, or remove commands, then they will be resolved using the constant base URI if, but only if, the format of the file allows base URIs. Turtle and RDF/XML formats allows base URIs but N-Triples format doesn’t allow base URIs and relative URIs in N-Triples data will cause errors.
  6. Queries with FROM NAMED with a named graph that is not in Stardog will not cause Stardog to download the data from an arbitrary HTTP URL and include it in the query.
  7. SPARQL queries without a context or named graph are executed against the default, unnamed graph. In Stardog, the default graph is not the union of all the named graphs and the default graph.

    This behavior is configurable via the query.all.graphs configuration parameter.

  8. RDF literals are limited to 8MB (after compression) in Stardog. Input data with literals larger than 8MB (after compression) will raise an exception.