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Stardog 7.7.1 Documentation

Find the docs, references, and examples you need to manage, query and search, virtualize, infer, constrain, and learn data and build applications on the Stardog platform.


Run Stardog in the cloud

Work with your data in a fully-managed Stardog platform on AWS.

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Run a self-managed database on-prem or in AWS Marketplace

Download and install the Stardog platform on your own infrastructure or use it in AWS directly via the Marketplace.

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Connect your application

Connect to Stardog with your preferred programming language.

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Explore your data

Search, run queries, and visualize graph connected data through an intuitive GUI.

Get started with Stardog Studio

Learn how to build with Stardog

Find learning materials including tutorials, webinars, and blog posts to aid you in your journey to connected data.

Start the learning journey

Dive into a live Stardog installation

Start using a cloud-based Stardog Studio environment with preloaded data and sample queries to see what Stardog is all about.

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