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Stardog supports a set of techniques for unifying structured enterprise data, chiefly, Virtual Graphs which let you declaratively map data into a Stardog knowledge graph and query it via Stardog. Read more about working with Virtual Graphs in Stardog.

The table below contains the CLI commands to administer virtual graphs in Stardog. Select any of the commands to view their manual page.

Command Description
virtual-add Registers a new virtual graph.
virtual-import Imports (aka materializes) data from a database or file (delimited or JSON) into Stardog.
virtual-list Lists registered virtual graphs.
virtual-mappings Prints the mappings of a registered virtual graph.
virtual-online Online a virtual graph.
virtual-options Prints the configuration options of a registered virtual graph.
virtual-remove Removes a registered virtual graph.
virtual-source_metadata Query source database metadata used by virtual graphs.