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Upgrading the Server

This page discusses the process to upgrade the Stardog server.

If you are upgrading to Stardog 7 from any previous version, please see Migrating to Stardog 7 for details. Stardog 7 uses a completely new disk index format and all databases created with a previous version of Stardog must be migrated.

The process of installation is pretty simple; check out the installation instructions for further information.

But how do we easily upgrade between versions? The key is judicious use of STARDOG_HOME. Best practice is to keep installation directories for different versions separate and use a STARDOG_HOME in another location for storing databases.

We’re big fans of /opt/stardog/{$version} and setting STARDOG_HOME to /var/stardog but you may set this to whatever you’d like.

Once you set your STARDOG_HOME environment variable to point to this directory, you can simply stop the old version and start the new version without copying or moving any files. You can also specify the Stardog home directory using the --home option when starting the server.

If you’ve placed Stardog’s /bin folder on your $PATH, be sure to update this to reflect the new version you wish to run.