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stardog-admin server profile


Profile server (CPU, heap allocations, locks). Stardog server must have profiler.enabled=true set in the server configuration file. It must be started with a remotely accessible JMX agent, eg: options in STARDOG_SERVER_JAVA_ARGS property.


stardog-admin server profile [ {-b | --bufsize} <framebuf> ] [ {-d | --duration} <duration> ] [ {-e | --event} <event> ] [ {-f | --file} <outputFile> ] [ {-h | --host} <Database Host> ] [ {-i | --interval} <interval> ] [ {-le | --listAvailableEvents} ] [ {-p | --port} <JMX Port> ] [ {-r | --reverse-flamegraph} ] [ {-s | --stop} ]


Name, shorthand Description
-b <framebuf>, --bufsize <framebuf> The number of Java method ids that should fit in the buffer. Increase if receiving Frame buffer overflowed. Default is 1,000,000.
-d <duration>, --duration <duration> Profiling duration, in seconds. Default is 30 seconds.
-e <event>, --event <event> Profiling event, one of cpu, alloc, lock, etc. The default is cpu. To list all available options use –listAvailableEvents option
-f <outputFile>, --file <outputFile> Result output file. If not provided, the result is dumped in console. If the provided file name has .svg extension, flamegraph is written out, otherwise (and also when the file is not provided) plain text summary+stacks output.
-h <Database Host>, --host <Database Host> Stardog database host. Default is localhost.
-i <interval>, --interval <interval> Polling interval, in nanoseconds. Default is 10,000,000 ns (10 ms).
-le, --listAvailableEvents An option to list all available profiling events, to specify one with –event option.
-p <JMX Port>, --port <JMX Port> Stardog database JMX port. The default is 5833
-r, --reverse-flamegraph If the output format is .svg (see -f option), a reserved flamegraph is generated. It’s useful to visualize profiling results when some hot ‘leaf’ methods are called from many different places. Default: false.
-s, --stop Stop profiling and generate output. Must follow a call with duration {-d, –duration} set to 0.