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Enterprise Premium Support

Real-time Support

Get access to the core Stardog development team in real-time via voice or chat. Let us help you get the most from Stardog, 24/7. Our core team has more semantic graph application and tool development experience than any other team on the planet. Other vendors shunt you off to inexperienced level one techs. We’ve never done that and never will.

Private Repository Access

Premium Support customers have access to private Maven and Docker repositories that contain not only every version of Stardog, but also nightlies, milestone/snapshot builds, hot fixes, private releases, and more.

Our Docker-based deliverables not only shorten your development and devops cycles they also foster seamless integration into your Kubernetes-based deployments.

Stardog Docker images are tagged by version. To access those images you must use log in with your credentials, after which you can pull any available image:

$ docker login -u <username>
$ docker pull<version>

Access to the private Maven repository is as easy as pointing your build configuration to an additional repository.

Priority Bug Fixes

With Maven and Docker in place, we’ve got a software delivery mechanism ready to push priority bug fixes into your enterprise as soon as they’re ready. We’ve averaged one Stardog release every two weeks since 2012. Enterprise Premium Support customers can now take advantage of our development pace in a controlled fashion.

Priority Feature Releases

We hate holding new features in a feature branch, especially for mundane business reasons; we want to release new stuff as soon as possible to our customers. With Enterprise Premium Support, we can maintain a disruptive pace of innovation without disrupting you.