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Stardog Cluster is a collection of Stardog Server instances running on one or more virtual or physical machines that, from the client’s perspective, behave like a single Stardog Server instance. Read more about Stardog’s High Availability (HA) Cluster offering.

The table below contains the CLI commands to administer a cluster in Stardog. Select any of the commands to view their manual page.

Command Description
cluster generate Creates a set of files with the minimal configuration for deploying a Stardog cluster.
cluster info Prints info about the nodes in the Stardog Pack cluster.
cluster metrics Retrieves metrics for each server in the cluster.
cluster standy-join Instruct a standby node to upgrade itself to a full node
cluster standby-pause Pause a standby node
cluster standby-resume Resume a standby node
cluster standby-status Get the status of a standby node
cluster status Prints status information for each node in the cluster
cluster stop Issues a shutdown request to all the nodes in the Stardog cluster.
cluster diagnostics-report Generates a diagnostics report zip for all participating cluster nodes (includes log and configuration files).