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Stardog CLI Reference

As described in the Command Line Interface section of Operating Stardog, Stardog’s CLI comes in two parts, stardog-admin (the administrative client) and stardog (a Stardog user’s client). The CLI tools use “command groups” to make CLI subcommands easier to find.

Below you’ll find all command groups in the stardog client. Select any of the command groups in the table below to view the specific commands in that command group.

Command Group Description
data Commands which can modify or dump the contents of a database
doc Commands to work with unstructured document processing
file Commands for manipulating rdf files
graphql Commands for working with GraphQL
icv Commands for working with Stardog Integrity Constraint support
namespace Commands which work with the namespaces defined for a database
query Commands which query a Stardog database
reasoning Commands which use the reasoning capabilities of a Stardog database
test Commands for creating and running SPARQL tests
tx Commands for managing transactions