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Configuring your First Users

Learn how to set up your first users in Stardog Cloud.

Configuring your first users

Log into your Stardog Cloud Account and click the connection to the Stardog instance you wish to manage. From there, launch Stardog Studio, our Knowledge Graph IDE. With Studio you can administer your Stardog instance and create users. Your initial user will have administrative access to manage Stardog including:

  • creating new users and roles
  • deleting the users and roles that you have created
  • creating new databases
  • writing to existing databases
  • deleting databases
  • managing virtual graphs
  • and more

Stardog uses role based access control (RBAC) similar to many traditional databases. To grant additional team members access we recommend that you provision additional users with access that is limited appropriately. For example, you could provision a new user that has the role reader (a role automatically configured by Stardog Cloud) for a new user you wish to be able to view data but not alter it.

Create User

Creating a new user

Note that a Stardog Server user in your instance is not related to the Stardog Cloud Account used to log in to the Stardog Cloud Portal. The former authenticates a user with the instance itself, while the latter allows access to the Stardog Cloud Portal, where you can configure connections to multiple Stardog Server instances.

After creating a Stardog Server user with Studio, you can provide the username, password, and URL for the instance to a person who has created a Stardog Cloud Account; that person can then create a connection to the Stardog Server instance using the username, password, and URL that you provided.

We recommend that for any programmatic access to your Stardog instance you create a dedicated service account user and then limit the service account access to the minimum required by the application.

We recommend reviewing the Stardog permissions model to fully understand what is possible.

Much of the Stardog security documentation refers to configuring Stardog Server Authentication securely for on-premises deployments. With Stardog Cloud your endpoint is configured by default to follow security best practices.